• 500 Series Mic Preamp with 48V Phantom Power, 20dB Pad, Optical De-esser, Variable Hipass Filter, and Front-panel High-impedance Instrument Input

    The Joemeek preQ 500 Series Mic Preamp does it all. Designed and crafted in the same spirit as Joemeek's acclaimed rack gear, the preQ 500 gives you everything you need in a mic pre. You get 60dB of clean gain, plus essential features like 48V phantom power, a 20dB pad, and phase reversal. But here's where it gets interesting - the preQ includes an optical de-esser, a variable hipass filter, and a front-panel high-impedance instrument input. Quite right. A high-quality US-made Cinemag transformer adds to the Joemeek preQ 500's unique sound.
  • Some Key Features:
  • • The vibrantly transparent sound of Joemeek's renowned mic preamps
  • in a 500 Series module
  • • Optical de-esser lets you control sibilance
  • • Variable highpass filter lets you roll off rumble and other unwanted
  • low frequencies
  • • Instrument DI adds flexibility to your rig
  • • US-made Cinemag transformer adds to the Joemeek preQ 500's unique sound

Number of Channels   1
Controls   Gain, Phantom Power, Phase, D-Esser, High Pass Filter
Frequency Response   10Hz-70kHz

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