• 500 Series EQ with Four Bands, Shelving Switches On Both Hi and Low Bands, and "Q" Controls On Both Mid Bands

    The Joemeek meQ 500 Series EQ gives you the sought-after sound of the famed Meequalizer, with improved control. You get four bands with boost/cut controls for each, shelving switches on both hi and low bands, and "Q" controls on both mid bands. With electronically balanced outputs and audiophile-grade Burr Brown amplifiers used throughout the signal path, the meQ 500 is an ideal tool for subtly or radically shaping your tracks with that special Joemeek magic. Put a genuine Meequalizer in your 500 Series rack- the Joemeek meQ.
  • Some Key Features:
  • • Four EQ bands that cover the entire audio spectrum
  • • Choice of shelving or bell curves on low and hi bands
    gives you a plethora of sonic options
  • • "Q" controls on both mid bands let you precisely sculpt your midrange
  • • Generous overlaps in coverage between bands gives you
    access to all frequencies of interest
  • •Audiophile-grade Burr Brown amplifiers used throughout the signal path
  • • Electronically balanced outputs

Number of Channels   1
Number of Bands   4-band
Tube   No
High Pass Filter   Yes
Low Pass Filter   Yes
Bypass   Yes
Q Type   Selectable
Boost/Cut Range   ±15
Frequency Response   10Hz-70kHz
Freq Range High   1.2kHz-20kHz
Freq Range Hi-Mid   600Hz-10kHz
Freq Range Lo-Mid   120Hz-2kHz
Freq Range Low   40Hz-650Hz
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