• 500 Series PhotoOptical Compressor Module with 8-segment LED Meter and Stereo Link/Slave Functions

    The Joemeek meC compressor gives you the punchy sound of the photoelectric compressores used by legendary producer Joe Meek. Offering the convenience of the 500 Series format, the meC 500 serves up warm, natural compression, ironing out level fluctuations transparently. Twang up your guitars or bring a bass to life, while controlling their dynamics. But crank this baby and you'll create something entirely new. Its really hard to make this compressor sound bad! The "link" switch lets you use two meC 500s in stereo.
  • Some Key Features:
  • •Controls: Compression, Gain Reduction Slope, Attack (with Fast switch),
  • Release, and MakeUp Gain
  • •Link switch lets you avoid image shift when working in stereo
  • •Slave switch slaves one meC 500 to another in stereo mode
  • •Link jack connects a pair of meC 500s for stereo operation
  • •On switch acts as true bypass


Number of Channels   1
Controls   Compression, Slope, Attack, Release, Gain
Threshold   -20dBu to +22dBu
Ratio   1:1 to 10:1
Frequency Response   10Hz to 70kHz
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